Rich by the experience since 2002 at telecom sector, AGIWISE masters the various IT aspects around infrastructure and service platforms for telecom operators.

Through its network of collaborators as well as its proven production platforms at major operators in the region, AGIWISE offers a TURN KEY service for its customers through the consulting, integration and managed services of IT platforms at the local level. operators TIER 1 to TIER3

  • Telecom solutions

    Digital portals
    Telco CRM
    Digital POS
    Telecom user experience management
    Entreprise solutions
    Digital Market Place
    Digital Content broadcasting & Management
    Over- The- Top (OTT) solutions
    Revenue Management solutions
    Fraud management solutions
    Quality of service management
    Performance Management
    Inventory management
    Supervision and Hypervision management
    BSS solutions
    OSS solutions

  • IT infrastructure solutions

    Supervision & Hypervision solutions
    Cloud solutions
    Radars and cameras
    Big data solutions
    High availability solutions
    Security solutions