System integration

AGIWISE intervient auprès de ses clients en offrant ses services d’intégration : 

Faced with the heterogeneity of the SI components , our customers are led to integrate new infrastructure components, new applications, update existing applications, or middleware layers to interconnect components etc.
AGIWISE works with its customers by offering integration services:

Software integration 

  • Audit and implementation of technical-functional architecture
  • Realization of inter-application connections
  • Software configuration,
  • Development of applications with added value

IT Infrastructure integration 

  • Hyper converged hardware architecture
  • Data migration
  • IT Systems Performance management  
  • IT system Quality of service and avaibility management 
  • IT environment optimisation (capacity, avaibility, sécurity, etc.)
  • IT inventory management 

Middleware integration 

  • Adapted Middleware integration  
  • Interface middleware development  
  • System Virtualisation
  • Cloud Computing