Managed Services & Support

The managed service is the most proactive procurement practice, allowing customers to choose the best combination of outsourcing while pointing out the costs and risks and taking advantage of the pool of experts process , knowledge and platform provided by the managed service provider ( MSP).
The Managed Service can extend across multiple domains combining infrastructure and / or software by integrating logistics and human resources to enable the customer to focus on the core of their business.
AGIWISE supports you in your managed services strategy by offering you the following services:

IT Infrastructure Managed Services   

  • Datacenter Management, 
  • IT equipment management,
  • technical assistance Center, 
  • Production & backup plan

Software managed services  

  • Application lifecycle management, 
  • Data administration,
  • User management, 
  • Repository management, 
  • Tests management,
  • Data migration

Full Managed Services 

IT Full Managed Services is an integral outsourcing of your IS IT  and process including all software and Infrastructure services, quoted previously, in high availability mode.
AGIWISE offers several variants of IT outsourcing  in a progressive and innovative approach respecting the strategy-time-budget specificities of every  costumer.
AGIWISE supports its « Managed Services » service, through the implementation of a strong and powerful support process and tools  that closes incidents that interfere with your IS IT while respecting contractual commitments and SLAs.